ACT Legislative Assembly elections 2016

The election was on Saturday , October 15, 2016

The Friends of the Albert Hall  wrote to all the political parties standing in the ACT elections and the three Independent Candidates standing in Kurrajong seeking their responses to the questions below. (The electorate of Kurrajong includes the hall.) We gave a deadline of 7 October.

Political parties who replied by the due date were ACT Labor and Sustainable Australia (ACT). All the Independent Candidates – Marea Fatseas, Peter Robinson and Graeme Strachan – replied by the due date. The ACT Greens responded a few days later.

We extended the date for the Canberra Liberals but have not received any response.

We also received a response from a party not standing a candidate.

Friends of the Albert Hall Inc appreciates and warmly thanks those political parties and Independent Candidates who have replied to the questions for their interest and responsiveness to concerns of Friends of the Albert Hall.

The questions:

The 10 year Planning and Development (Albert Hall) Land Management Plan 2016 was passed by the ACT Legislative Assembly  It included a range of required actions. These include the establishment of a Management Reference Group with an advisory role to provide ongoing input into the management of Albert Hall.

If elected, will you agree to

  • Commit to the full implementation of the Albert Hall Land Management Plan, and ensure the ACT government, and specifically the ACT Property Group, have sufficient staff and resources for the implementation of the Plan?
  • Ensure there is sufficient budget both for a capital works program and a recurrent budget for annual maintenance works for the Albert Hall for the next ten years for the implementation of the Management Plan?
  • Ensure actions in the Plan are achieved within timeframes, in particular the employment of an on-site Venue Manager?
  • Support the establishment of Management Reference Group by 1 May 2017; and consult with Friends of the Albert Hall Inc on the terms of reference and modus operandi for the Reference Group?
  • Ensure that membership of the Reference Group includes one representative of Friends of the Albert Hall Inc?

RESPONSES can be examined at each relevant link below: as other responses are received, they will be mounted here too.



Sustainable Australia:

ACT Greens: