Friends of Albert Hall achievements

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Friends of Albert Hall achievements

Friends of the Albert Hall Inc  works to ensure a sustainable future for Canberra’s heritage-listed Albert Hall. As the national capital’s ‘town hall’ from 1928, we promote the conservation and management of  the Albert Hall as a place for civic, cultural and community events which is publicly owned and managed.

Current work includes:

  • Publication of the first history of the Albert Hall
  • Enabling completion of a satisfactory Plan of Management for Albert Hall which has now been under development by the ACT Government for five years and establishment of a participatory management model.
  • Publication online of the current Conservation Management Plan for the Albert Hall Precinct
  • Taking up individual issues and concerns about Albert Hall use raised by Members and supporters
  • Participating in NCA public forums and relevant inquiries

Earlier work included:

  • Major conservation works for Albert Hall 2008-12 and installation of a universal access entrance in 2013
  • Major changes to public liability insurance (PLI) requirements that now allow affordable use of Albert Hall by unincorporated community groups and by individuals
  • Representing civic interests in the Hall through
    • Commenting on the Hawke Review of the NCA, and in this arguing for a National Capital Consultative Council which would have community representation and appeals on NCA planning processes
    • Pursuing with the NCA and the ACT government better parking arrangements around Albert Hall
    • Strongly promoting Albert Hall use by Canberra community users and by national touring groups
    • Partnering with community groups for major events in Albert Hall and promoting these events

We especially look to our members and supporters for assistance in activities including

  • Continued input into budget bids for an ongoing capital works program and a regular and adequate maintenance schedule
  • Extension of affordable public liability arrangements to small community incorporated groups
  • Seeking National Heritage Listing for Albert Hall and its Heritage Precinct
  • Strongly supporting National Heritage Listing for Canberra

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