Conservation of the Albert Hall Precinct

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Conservation of the Albert Hall Precinct

Heritage values
The Albert Hall was entered on the ACT Heritage Register in 1997 and the entry for the Albert Hall Precinct updated in 2010 – see Heritage Register update.

Albert Hall Conservation Management Plan 2014
A new Conservation Management Plan, prepared by Philip Leeson Associates and Dr Lenore Coltheart with the assistance of Peter Freeman Architects, is in process.

Capital works program 2008-12
This major program, implementing some of the recommendations of the Albert Hall Conservation and Landscape Management Plan 2007, was funded by the ACT Government and the Australian Government under promises given in the 2007 ACT and Federal election campaigns. The ACT Government allocated $2.723M for the renovation of the Albert Hall in 2008-09 and the Commonwealth Government allocated $500,000 in 2009-10.

A Reference Group to advise on the work including heritage specialists and community representatives. Details of the work are available on the ACT Government website.

Chair Stephen Ryan Director, ACT Property Group, Territory and Municipal Services
Member (Heritage) Gerhard Zatschler Manager, Heritage, Territory and Municipal Services
Member (Procurement) Floyd Kennedy A/Director, ACT Procurement Solutions, Treasury
Member (Policy) Andy Wilson Senior Manager, Business and Projects, Chief Minister’s
Member (Community) Lenore Coltheart Friends of the Albert Hall
Member (Community) Peter Lundy Friends of the Albert Hall (until early September 2008)
Luke Wensing Friends of the Albert Hall (from early September 2008)
Secretariat Tania Shaw A/Manager, Strategic Asset Management, ACT Property Group, Territory and Municipal Services

Comments on the Auditor-General’s Report 2012
The ACT Auditor-General’s 2012 report into ACT agency expenditure on capital works included references to the refurbishment of the Albert Hall since 2008. The report mentioned delays in completing the refurbishment due to extended community consultation and that the cost of the project had risen by $500,000 over the period. The ACT Government’s consultation with the Friends of the Albert Hall during the refurbishment project was through the Government’s Albert Hall Capital Works Reference Group and this was not the cause of delays.

Delays included unavoidable issues such as the need to source roof tiles to suit the unusual 1928 Cordova tiles, with 20,000 hand made tiles ordered once a supplier in Tasmania was found.  No other major work could commence until the roof work was done and the tiles were not received till late 2009.  The roof refurbishment took less than a month after the tiles were received and the other major works were completed before the end of the 2009/10 financial year.

The inference from the Auditor-General’s report that the $500,000 was a cost over-run is incorrect. This amount was in fact the Federal funding component promised during the 2007 election campaign and provided to the ACT in the 2009-10 Federal Budget.  This increased the conservation and refurbishment budget to $3.2m and the scope of works was adjusted accordingly.