Love the universal access entrance – but when can we get to see the upstairs rooms?

Sue Parker

12 December 2013

What a birthday! More please

Tom Ballard

1 May 2008

The return of Bellona would be a good birthday present. The outstanding maintenance needs to be carried out to have the Hall looking her best for her 80th birthday.

Joyce van Leeuwen

August 11, 2007

Friends of the Albert Hall are planning to meet with ACT government officials shortly to talk about possible activities to celebrate our Albert Hall’s 80th birthday – on 10 March 2008. This is also Canberra Day 2008. We are looking for ideas that will involve the community and especially Hall users and would-be users. If you have ideas for how the community can best celebrate this occasion at Albert Hall please post them to the website.

Di Johnstone

May 24, 2007

The Albert Hall must be saved and restored for its intended use, that community events, such as balls etc.

Barbara Court

May 16, 2007


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