Our Lenore Coltheart OAM

Dr Lenore Coltheart, instigator, founder and life member of the Friends of the Albert Hall was honoured on Jan 26, 2022 with the Medal of the Order of Australia.

The OAM recognises the outstanding contribution Lenore has made “for service to Community history”.

Here is the congratulatory message The Friends has sent to Lenore.

“Very warmest congratulations from the Committee and members of Friends of the Albert
Hall on the award to you of the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in the Australia Day
Honours List.

Your critically important involvement with the passionate community campaign for Albert
Hall and later with Friends of the Albert Hall is very well known. From the outset of the
community campaign for Albert Hall your powerfully expert, reasoned, and brave public
voice and persuasive leadership was a key to the success of the campaign. As a long
standing VicePresident of the Friends, Albert Hall historian and author of Albert Hall: the
Heart of Canberra, and with your professional expertise on heritage conservation and
management, you have done so much to preserve and protect our iconic Albert Hall. You
have also recorded and helped to preserve so many of its stories, which are those of
Canberra itself, for future generations.

We are absolutely delighted that your outstanding contribution to the Canberra community,
to many heritage sites across Canberra and in particular to our muchloved Albert Hall has
been recognised and acknowledged by your OAM.”